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Day Twenty-Two - The Last One! - of the 70-Mile Challenge

Lake Braddock - 1.6 Mile Loop - (70.44/70) - 100%

And there I have it - 70 miles in 22 sessions during the month of January. Here is my picture at the exact distance, a nice composite of water, trails, trees, and blue skies, some of the standards of my walking journey. Fairfax has a number of small lakes - Lake Fairfax, Burke Lake, Lake Braddock, Lake Accotink, Lake Barcroft, Lake Mercer, Lake Royal, Huntsman's Lake, Lake Audobon, Lake Thoreau, and Lake Anne - which are either open for circumnavigation or at least for walking access. I had never done Lake Braddock but a friend posted from there and I thought - one more for the books! Next challenge: who knows?

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