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Day Twenty-One of the 70-Mile Challenge - White!

Blackwater Falls/White Grass - .89 + 2.0 Miles in Loops - (68.84/70) - 98%

Wow - broke the hiking into two different sections - a cliffside look from our lodge at Blackwater Falls and a snowshoe hike at White Grass. Both were beautiful in the snow. The first took me to Elakala Falls and then though an evergreen stand; quiet, alone. The second was from the cross-country skiing center - we snowshoed - and the journey was as good as expected. New snow, deep woods, few other people. I am nearing the end of this competition - I have three days to go - and only one more mile plus to hit. I only count those hikes or walks where I am racking up miles, not just the daily step count, so I do about two to three times as many steps as are recorded here. The color of the day was white - snow everywhere, fresh and untrodden - and it couldn't have been any other.

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