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Day Three of the 70-Mile Challenge - Blue!

Cross-County Trail (Annandale) - 3.8 miles - Out and Back (8.3/70)

Pre-dawn walk, using a trail with few twists and turns so I wouldn't get lost in the dark. The woods are oh-so-quiet at that time. Flat terrain, crossing the Accotink creek bed multiple times, lets the pace be strong. The ball field on Little River Turnpike is a good place to start a walk. The sound of the highway recedes the further along the trail, with a single biker surprising me on his electric, bright-lit, two-wheeled contraption, racing past. This trail, outwardly boring, hides some secrets: an old mill-race, a mountain biking mecca, and some good memories of wading in the water. AN atypical barn catches my eye near my turn-around, odd for these suburbs. I hope I can tackle a longer stretch of trail in subsequent days because I need a break of a day and I can't fall behind my 2.3/day average. Today's color: Blue!

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