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Day Thirteen of the 70-Mile Challenge - Copper!

Holmes Run Trail/Columbia Pk to B********d St. - 3.55 Miles Out &Back (41.97/70) - 59%

Picking up steam I walked briskly through the Holmes Run Gorge, hopping concrete pillars ten times, enjoying the early morning birds, wondering at how close this all to the city but how isolated as well. I never forget that I used to do this trail before it was paved - just a small dirt trail through the woods and meadows that Erin and I could follow to our favorite creekside spot. Today, it is less wild but better in that it serves so many more people. The stream is lovely to follow and cross, and it all ends in the rough gorge at the upper end of Alexandria. Today's color was copper - the early morning light painted the recalcitrant beech leaves up on the hillsides. Tomorrow I will put in a lot of miles as we walk through Richmond, so even though I am made good time today, I should really pound the street tomorrow and get close to the 70 percent line. Whew indeed!

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