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Day Ten of the 70-Mile Challenge - Cadmium Red!

Turkey Run Park/Potomac Heritage Trail - 3.73 Miles Reverse Lollipop - (32.52/70) - 46%

A fascinating and challenging walk, right in the heart of the city and the wilderness. Parking high up off the GW Parkway, the trail drops 170 feet on a beautifully built switchback staircase. At the river's edge, I turned right; good shoes required for the intense clambering from this point. I reached the point to turn back uphill and decided instead to keep along the river. Such a good move. Found the chimneys of two different homes, long gone. Wandered even further off path when the main trail left the river to climb up to the Parkway to head south. My spur ended at the property line of a massive house high up on a bluff. Returning, I finally headed back up hill to the parking lot, saying farewell to the Potomac. I'll have to add some more stretches of river walking to my Challenge set; winter it flows strong and lonely. For color, I found the bright cadmium red of opened berries littering the trail, a splotch of fire to light my way. I am almost halfway to my goal and should reach it with what I have planned for tomorrow!

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