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Day Sixteen of the 70-Mile Challenge - Technicolor!

Cross-County Trail/Vale to Lawyers - 4.08 Miles Out and Back - (54.54/70) - 77%

The northern section of this 42-mile trail traverses Oakton and Great Falls before ending at the Potomac; many of the trail segments here are quite beautiful. This was a bucolic walk between horse farms and along the ever-growing Difficult Run. The path was initially very flat and then encountered a series of hills and switchbacks to make the last half extremely tough for me. I spooked a large bald eagle when I passed within a few feet of him or her, but otherwise saw only one other living creature (beyond squirrels). I am now 3/4th of the way through this challenge with twelve days to go, so I think I am doing pretty well! Today's color was technicolor as I found a large scarf/serape arrangement in the trees that captured my feeling at approaching the turnaround. I think I am going to get this thing done!

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