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Day Six of the 70-Mile Challenge - Orange!

Cross-County Trail - Lake Accotink to Old Keene Mill Road - 4.08 miles Out and Back (18.86/70 - 26%)

Given that I am trying not to use the same trail twice in the span of a month, by already having done three on the Cross-County Trail I am complicating my later trail options. This is a flat trail, good for distance and pace, as it parallels the creek with two crossings. It culminates at a large ball field complex before diving under a bridge to keep going south. This was the colder of the days this last week, but still in the 50s as global warming seems sadly present. Today's color was orange - our county now "culls" (kills) deer in our parks by licensing archers to take them out; these orange signs are the indicators that this is one such park. I am going to have to get more subtle in my color selection as there are far fewer primary colors than I expected!

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