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Day Nineteen in the 70-Mile Challenge - Red (my face)!

Lake Accotink - 4.15 Mile Loop - (64.69/70) - 92%

After a somnolent Sunday, Monday needed a good brisk walk. The weather was cool verging on cold with.a sharp wind out of the northwest - could this be the famous winter we have been hearing about? Either way, a familiar 3.8 mile hike around a lake - lots of views, some changes in grade, and always some variety of path types and environments. I started, as with so many things, with a song in my heart.

I didn't read the signs very carefully, though. For example:

This sign, which was plastered all over the park and also complemented by a number of smaller papers posted on trees, indicated that the loop around the lake was not continuous. Surely, I thought when it occurred to me to read more carefully, it doesn't apply to me. I can always cut through the woods, or hop across the stream, or some other hubristic approach will solve this minor inconvenience.

I traveled 3.76 miles of the total 3.8 then saw the picture at the top of this blog. It took me about 15 minutes to realize that I could not make my way across here. I had to backtrack - my most hated activity - about half a mile and hail an Uber to take me all the way around the park, but this time in a car. Lesson learned - always bring boots for crossing mid-stream.

I am now down to the the last 5 point something miles to go; do I knock it off in pieces or try and get it all at once?

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