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Day Nine of the 70-Mile Challenge - Pale Yellow!

Lake Kittamaquundi/Columbia - 2.58 Miles Loop (28.79/70) - 41%

A more thoughtful urban planner might have presumed that there would be lots of well-marked trails coursing through downtown Columbia, Maryland as it is a planned city and all that. I made quick a spectacle after loading up at Whole Foods with a big bag of grapes which I ate one by one throughout my walk. The trail was wide and very comfortable, and good forests and meadows surrounded me throughout. Somehow these trails are much more inviting than Reston's trails, similarly conceived. The loop itself was only 1.4 miles, so I had to add a couple of spurs on to get over the hump. Tomorrow I have a longer hike planned, so I can get back to exceeding my daily required average (DRA) and give myself a day off down the road. Today's color was pale yellow - handwritten arrows for an unknown purpose.

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