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Day Fourteen of the 70-Mile Challenge - Pale Yellow!

Richmond City - 3.93 Mile Loop - (45.9/70) 65%

I am now 2/3 of the way to my goal of 70 miles and the end is in sight! Urban dash today, from the Main Street Amtrak Station to the American Civil War Museum and back. Absolutely beautiful January day - sunny skies, warm weather - and a fascinating walk. Really, would need another couple of days to make sure I saw everything in this old city. I made what was an out and back walk more of a loop - with an exhausting uphill climb from the James into the heart of city at the State Capitol - but the landscape called out. A great extension would have been to add crossing the river on two different pedestrian bridges - would add a couple of miles and be spectacular. Next time! Today's color was pale yellow, the color of the Alexandria postcard displayed in that Amtrak Station.

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