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Day Four of the 70-Mile Challenge - Lime Green!

Cross-County Trail (Annandale South) - 4.1 Miles - Out and Back (12.4/70)

Leaving a bit earlier today, the dark was my usual companion almost until I got back to the car. This part of the CCT crosses Accotink Creek and then slides behind the local recreation center, crossing under Braddock Road and hooking up with the Lake Accotink loop (another day!) Although I was initially worried about exhaustion, I found that I could go further today with less weariness; this allowed me to exceed my average, storing up those extra tenths of a mile so that I can take a break one of these days and sleep! The picture here is of a power substation in the early fog - fog because the yesterday was warm and the night cool, so very atypical for early January. Today's color was lime green - a bright reminder of the sewer systems that underlie so many stream valley parks.

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