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Day Five of the 70-Mile Challenge - Aqua!

Rockland Park - 2.38 Miles - Loop (14.78/70)

Brand new park located near Exit 6 on Interstate 66 is the perfect midpoint for the long weekly drives to Harrisonburg. Since I need to average 2.3 miles per day to hit 70 miles by the end of January, this trail was the bare minimum for me to keep my numbers up. A mix of wide open countryside and deep forests, the trail has a spur that runs down to the Shenandoah for a riverside stroll. The down, however, is serious - a drop of 160 feet with a slope of about 30 percent is intense. The Shenandoah, calm in a winter's day, proves again to be a gorgeous stream worth every interaction. I think a tubing is in order in the Spring. Today's color: Aqua (natch)!


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