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Day Eleven of the 70-Mile Challenge - Lemon Yellow!

National Landing (formerly Crystal City!) - 3.9 Miles Loop (36.42/70) - 52%

Over halfway there - If I can keep up this pace, I should be able to make it. Took advantage of my car being in the shop to walk through Amazon's future home in Arlington. It is remarkable what the anticipation of 25,000 new workers can do a previously hum-drum urban hellscape. This was less a nature walk than an urban stroll, but it was still fascinating. The area is unrecognizable from just a few years ago. The streets are full of people - full on new restaurants - and buildings are being torn down, renovated, or being thrown up from scratch. Coffee shops abound, expensive looking street improvements - trails, art spaces, cool little buildings squeezed in amongst the older ones - and all of a sudden you will have a hip spot to soak up. A new pedestrian bridge to National Airport is in the works; a new university is being constructed by Virginia Tech; a new metro station is opening in the neighborhood. And yet...I still wanted to go into Crystal City Underground, which allows for almost a mile of passageway walking past old shops, hidden from the street. Found an art gallery, lots of (temporarily) empty retail spaces, and just a quirky urban space. These flowers (above) were incongruously riotously yellow in early January - go figure. But they had to be my color focus because they were trying so hard!

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