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Day Eighteen of the 70-Mile Challenge - Raw Sienna!

Cross-County Trail/Prosperity to Fairfax Circle - 3.96 Miles Out and Back - (60.54/70) 86%

After a day spent on my other obsessions, back to the trails with the end in sight. I have cleared out the nearby portions of the Cross-County trail - I can hit them early with no gated parking lots so they meet my waking propensities - but I now have to ration myself to get the rest of the miles in. I have two loops - Lake Accotink and Burke Lake - that cumulatively are about 8.4 miles, so I can do these during the waking hours. There are 10 days left in the month, so I am in PRETTY GOOD SHAPE! Today my color was, due to the lack of sunlight, raw sienna. At my turnaround point a beaver had gnawed a tree to its death, revealing its internal color in the dim light.

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