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Day Eight of the 70-Mile Challenge - Sky Blue!

Holmes Run Trail/Alexandria - 4.09 miles Out and Back (26.21/70) - 37%!

Have walked eight of nine days, and planning again today. This trail, with fits and starts, actually runs from near INOVA Fairfax Hospital to Alexandria - it just needs to have some final connections put in place. Very straight, runs alongside the channelized Holmes Run, said creek eventually dumping into Cameron Run and thence into the Potomac. Cold day, lots of sun. One great thing about this trail is that it is a continuous path - no need to cross streets - as it has a series of underpasses to keep you moving. It passes beneath Amtrak and Metro in an area that passes for wild for West End Alexandria. Today's color was from a passing CSX freight train - sky blue! When in the city, don't look for colors best seen in the woods, go for those urban shades.

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