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Day 7 of the 70-Mile Challenge - Magenta!

Pinecrest Golf Course - 3.26 miles Loop (22.12/70) - 31%!

The tried and true for a cold Sunday morning - walking out my door, down the road, and around the 9-hole golf course that adjoins the Starbucks. The morning show of sun and clouds has been phenomenal months (what volcano exploded where?) and the weather feels like January (or Antarctica) once again. The golf course was originally a pig farm, then converted into an 18-hole golf course. Years later, half of the course was sold for residential development, so we are left with a 9-hole horseshoe of paths, greens, bunkers, and ponds with a big hill on the middle holes. This walk this early feels like I am out of the suburbs a bit, and since it concludes with a short stroll through the botanical garden, it has many subtle pleasures. Today's color is magenta - the color of T-Mobile's shop that I have to pass by to get my coffee. Tomorrow I will return to the countryside and look for those earthy colors once again.

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